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Oliver Patrick

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How I can help you

How I can help you

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Let me add a new perspective to the wellbeing of your organisation and the people that drive it. I will curate a contemporary wellbeing strategy that adds maximum value to your people and your business.  

I have 25 years experience in delivering, creating and governing executive health screens, advanced health assessments and corporate wellbeing facilities.


While our physiology remains constant the environment in which it finds itself has changed dramatically, as has our ability to measure and track the impacts of our lifestyle on our health.

It is vital to remain reactive to developing science, technology and culture.  My job is to help you to understand wellbeing in your professional context.

A New Perspective


I will help you develop and implement wellbeing strategies that will bring a genuine impact to your employees, customers and bottom line.

"Oliver brought a different dimension to our health agenda that we hadn’t had before in terms of his clinical perspective on the lifestyle issues impacting people’s wellbeing."

Jenn Barnett

Director of Wellbeing
and Inclusivity

Grant Thornton

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